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International Dinner Ideas

International Dinner IdeasThere is something about getting out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to trying delicious food. Join my family and explore this beautiful world we live in through food with these international dinner ideas.

1. Chicken Karahi – Pakistan

A thick, tomato-based curry with fresh ginger, green chilies, and cilantro is the basis for chicken karahi, a street-style dish found in dhaba’s all over Pakistan and North India. Bring home that same restaurant flavor with our chicken karahi recipe. 

chickenkarahi19 01

2. Chikhirtma – Georgia

Cozy up with a piping hot bowl of our homemade chicken soup called Chikhirtma, a Georgian chicken soup. Tart lemon, tangy dill, and creamy egg yolks create a velvety, smooth broth you’ll crave.

A single serving of homemade chicken soup garnished with cilantro.

3. Chongqing Chicken – China

Chongqing Chicken or Sichuan fried chicken is a famous Sichuan dish consisting of marinated and deep-fried chicken with fragrant Arbol chilies and mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns, cooked in a rich Sichuan sauce. The result is an irresistibly juicy chicken our family loves.

chongqing chicken2

4. Jamaican Chicken Fricassee – Jamaica

Chicken thighs are coated in warm and spicy jerk seasoning and shallow-fried with caramelized onions and peppers in our jerk chicken fricassee, resulting in juicy and flavor-packed chicken covered in a thick, brown gravy. 

A serving plate of Jamaican chicken fricassee topped with chopped scallions.

5. Koobideh Kabob – Iran

Flavored with onion, salt, pepper, and that’s about it, beef kabob koobideh is truly a labor of love. While meat on a stick sounds simple enough, it’s an art form- one I am still trying to master. From forming the beef onto the skewers to keeping it there over an open flame, I treasure the experience (and the failures) of learning how to make wonderfully simple and great-tasting koobideh. 

plated kabob koobideh

6. Kedjenou – Ivory Coast

Kedjenou is widely popular in the Ivory Coast, a place known for its savory, slow-cooked stews. Ours bastes in kedjenou seasoning, vegetables, and flavorful aromatics for a meal you’ll enjoy all year long.

A Dutch oven full of kedjenou chicken.

7. Masoor Dal – India

Our Goan masoor dal cooks with fennel, coriander, turmeric, and mustard seed. It’s balanced with creamy coconut milk, and the spinach and lime juice brightens the dish. This recipe is made in the Instant Pot and is ready and on your table in around 30 minutes.

plated goa masoor dal

8. Pozole Rojo – Mexico

Authentic Mexican pozole rojo is a rich stew comprised of tender pork, filling hominy, and a savory chili broth. Pile your bowl high with fresh toppings like radishes, cilantro, cabbage, onions, and Mexican oregano. 

plated pozole

9. Rindsgulasch – Austria

Beef cooked tender in a dark, smooth, and flavorful gravy is everything you expect from an Austrian beef stew called rindsgulasch. Ours is flavored traditionally with hot and sweet paprika and peppery caraway and served with butter-infused egg noodles creating the ultimate comfort food. 

A scoop of Rindsgulasch shown over the Dutch oven filled to the brim with the same.

10. Tteokbokki – Korea

Tteokbokki found its way into our hearts and onto our table. Chewy, bouncy rice cakes simmer in a sweet and spicy sauce flavored with gochugaru and gochujang to make this tteokbokki recipe you’ll crave.

plated tteokbokki