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What Goes with Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic comfort food to enjoy any time of the day or year. While a gooey, melty grilled sandwich is a satisfying meal on its own – pairing it with a side can take it to the next level. From soups to salads and everything in between, it might be hard to decide what goes with grilled cheese because there are so many options. Level up your grilled cheese game with 33 delicious sides!

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What is Grilled Cheese?

A grilled cheese sandwich typically consists of one or more slices of cheese placed between two slices of bread that are toasted or grilled until the cheese melts and the bread becomes crispy.

The classic comfort food incorporates a variety of cheese or bread options, and some variations may include other ingredients like ham, bacon, tomato, or avocado.

Tomato Soup is a Classic Pairing!

Tomato soup is a perfect complement to grilled cheese. The acidity and tanginess of the soup perfectly cut through the richness of the cheese and balance the flavors, creating a satisfying and classic combination.

1. Homemade Tomato Soup

Two bowls of tomato soup topped with chopped basil next to rustic bread.

Homemade tomato soup is a time-honored accompaniment to grilled cheese. All you need is a few simple ingredients, and you’ll be dunking your sandwich in no time.

Photo Credit: Homemade in the Kitchen

2. Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Soup

Two bowls of tomato soup topped with basil leaves.

Instant Pot tomato soup is rich, creamy, and delicious. Enjoy this silky-smooth bisque made with fresh tomatoes in under 40 minutes. This soup is a quick, easy, gluten-free comfort food, whether you want to impress guests or get cozy with a hot bowl!

Photo Credit: Cupcakes and Kale Chips

3. Thai Tomato Soup

Two bowls of tomato soup topped with cream and chopped basil.

Enjoy a twist on the classic side and make Thai tomato soup with rich and creamy coconut milk and Thai red curry paste; Thai tomato soup is spicy and loaded with flavor. 

Photo Credit: I Heart Vegetables

4. Tomato Basil Soup

A close up of a bowl of soup topped with basil.

Homemade tomato basil soup made with roasted tomatoes, fresh garlic, lightly caramelized onions, and fresh basil is delicious and easy to make.

Photo Credit: The Forked Spoon

Vegetable Sides for Grilled Cheese

5. Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts in a serving dish.

Air Fryer brussel sprouts are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, and you can serve them in less than an hour, which makes them perfect for a quick meal with grilled cheese.

6. Carrot Fries

A hand holding carrot fries.

This side dish is one of those deliciously crispy on the outside and tender on the inside vegetable dishes. Air fryer carrot fries may become your favorite go-to side dish.

Photo Credit: The Typical Mom

7. Butternut Squash

A plate of butternut squash.

Elevate any meal with sweet and savory air fryer butternut squash, a delicious side made with simple pantry ingredients.

8. Blistered Tomatoes

A cast iron pan full of blistered tomatoes.

Blistered tomatoes add a special touch to any meal. In less than 10 minutes, turn cherry or grape tomatoes into something extra delicious with garlic, shallots, and basil.

Photo Credit: Foxes Love Lemons

9. Acorn Squash

Air fryer acorn squash on a plate.

Making air fryer acorn squash is simple and quicker than using the oven. Crispy and caramelized squash is the perfect addition to any meal, and it comes together in 30 minutes. 

Salad Sides for Grilled Cheese

10. Avocado Cucumber Tomato Salad

Avocado cucumber tomato salad in a serving bowl.

Loaded with fresh herbs, juicy tomato, crisp cucumber, and creamy avocado- olive oil and lime finishes the avocado cucumber tomato salad for a perfect side dish or light meal.

11. Pasta Salad

Gluten free pasta salad in a serving bowl.

Enjoy our fresh take on gluten free pasta salad made with a variety of greens! The mouth-watering pasta salad is perfect for a light lunch or side dish with any meal.

12. Vegetable Chopped Salad

Vegetable chopped salad in a serving bowl.

Eating vegetables is effortless with our vegetable chopped salad. Finely cut cabbage, kale, carrots, and radishes are the base for this salad recipe, but get creative and make it your own!

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13. California Chicken Salad

A bowl of California chicken salad.

Savor creamy, crunchy, and slightly sweet California chicken salad. Serve it as a tasty dip or salad topping alongside a savory grilled cheese sandwich.

14. Cobb Salad

A close up of a bowl of cobb salad.

Nothing is more satisfying than a classic cobb salad loaded with crispy lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, blue cheese, bacon, and smothered in the tasty dressing; this salad is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth and perfect with gooey grilled cheese.

Photo Credit: The Salty Side Dish

15. Vinegar Coleslaw

Vinegar coleslaw in a serving bowl.

Tangy homemade vinegar coleslaw perfectly complements your favorite main dishes, adding a refreshing zing and a satisfying crunch to every bite.

16. Pressgurka

Pressgurka arranged on a plate.

Pressgurka is a quick pickled salad balanced with sweet and sour; pair the pressed cucumber salad with savory dishes like grilled cheese.

17. Summer Salad With Mint

A bowl of fresh fruit surrounded fresh blueberries.

Honey lime summer salad combines the fresh flavors of summer fruits with a hint of mint and a subtle sweet honey glaze to elevate your fruit salad.

Photo Credit: Pass Me A Spoon

18. Homemade Coleslaw

Homemade coleslaw in a bowl.

Our homemade coleslaw incorporates cabbage, carrots, mint, cilantro, scallions, and an umami-rich dressing for coleslaw you’ll want to serve with everything!

19. Broccoli Salad

A close up of broccoli salad in a bowl.

Enjoy broccoli salad with our upgraded and lightened-up dressing that’s to die for; it’s the perfect addition to a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich!

Photo Credit: The Healthy Epicurean

20. Cucumber Carrot Salad

Cucumber carrot salad in a bowl.

Refreshing and tangy, cucumber carrot salad is a great way to enjoy fresh vegetables. Pair the salad with an entree like grilled cheese, or eat it as a light snack.

21. Caesar Salad

A large wooden bowl of caesar salad.

Easy caesar salad recipe omits ingredients like anchovies and eggs. The dressing uses simple ingredients you likely already have on hand, and homemade garlic butter croutons add a nice texture to each bite.

Photo Credit: Bites with Bri

If you enjoy these side dishes, pair them with one of these meals!  

Soup Sides for Grilled Cheese

22. Butternut Squash Soup

Two bowls of butternut soup topped with pumpkin seeds.

When you want a quick and easy side dish, make healthy Instant Pot butternut squash soup your go-to; it’s ready in 30 minutes and has the perfect balance of savory and sweet.

23. Carrot Pumpkin Soup

Carrot pumpkin soup in soup bowls.

One-pot pumpkin carrot soup simmers for less than an hour to bring you the flavor of autumn in a bowl. The soup is a delicious stand-alone meal, and it’s perfect if you’re considering what goes with grilled cheese.

24. Hamburger Soup

An overhead shot of a bowl of vegetable beef soup with a bread loaf in the background.

Our hearty hamburger soup boasts rich tomato-based broth, ground beef, and fresh vegetables for an easy and filling one-pot dinner or side dish.

25. Potato Soup

Two bowls of Instant Pot potato soup.

Curl up with a warm bowl of hearty Instant Pot potato soup. Our combines simple ingredients from your pantry to make creamy and delicious comfort in a bowl.

26. Roasted Red Pepper Soup

A bowl of roasted red pepper soup.

Indulge in a delicious and flavorful bowl of roasted red pepper soup, the ultimate comfort food for a chilly evening – pair it with a grilled cheese for a satisfying and heartwarming meal.

Photo Credit: Dizzy, Busy, & Hungry

Potato Sides for Grilled Cheese

27. Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes on a serving plate.

Make perfectly seasoned and irresistibly crispy roasted potatoes in the oven, and since they’re so versatile, you can pair them with anything.

28. Hasselback Potatoes

Air fryer hasselback potatoes on a plate.

Make crispy air fryer Hasselback potatoes in 20 minutes by slicing the potatoes accordion-style and coating them in rich and flavorful garlic butter.

29. Cottage Fries

A plate of cottage fries with two types of dip.

Crispy oven-roasted cottage fries make a great side dish for chicken, burgers, and sandwiches like grilled cheese. Make delicious cottage fries with a few basic ingredients.

Photo Credit: Nibble and Dine

30. Healthy Potato Salad

Healthy potato salad in a serving bowl.

Our protein-packed healthy potato salad combines boiled potatoes with eggs, celery, pickle, onion, and a yogurt-based sauce for a side you’ll want to serve with everything. 

31. Sweet Potato Fries

Air fryer sweet potato fries in a fry cup.

If you want restaurant-quality french fries, you should make air Fryer frozen sweet potato fries; this delicious side is ready and on the table in 15 minutes.

32. Southern Potato Salad

Southern potato salad in a bowl.

You’ll love our creamy, old-fashioned Southern potato salad; fork-tender potatoes are dressed in a creamy sauce made of mayonnaise, and mustard, and seasoned to perfection

33. BBQ Potato Chips

Homemade BBQ potato chips with homemade dip.

Did you know you can easily make delicious and healthy potato chips in the microwave? This homemade microwave BBQ potato chips recipe is a must-try, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with everyone!

Photo Credit: Kimspired DIY

Toppings for Grilled Cheese

If you’re considering what goes with grilled cheese, you need to consider the toppings you can add to the grilled cheese to give it that extra kick; this is where the creativity and craft of making a good grilled cheese sandwich come in. These are just some ideas to get you started but feel free to experiment with your favorite toppings to create a grilled cheese sandwich that’s perfect for you.

  • Sliced avocado adds mild flavor and creamy texture to complement the cheese.
  • Caramelized onions and mushrooms are a sweet and savory addition.
  • Sliced tomatoes impart a juicy and slightly acidic taste to the grilled cheese.
  • Sumac onions or pickled onions provide a nice contrast to the savoriness of the sandwich.
  • Sliced jalapeños add a perfect spicy kick.
  • Include thinly sliced apples for a crisp texture and sweet and fruity flavor.
  • Sliced roasted red peppers infuse the sandwich with a sweet and slightly smoky flavor.
  • Fresh spinach is a perfect way to balance out the richness of the cheese.

What to do with the Leftovers

  • Storage: Store leftover grilled cheese sandwiches in an airtight container or bag. They will keep for. 3-4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What meat goes with grilled cheese?

The primary ingredient for grilled cheese sandwiches is cheese, but if you’re looking to add meat to your sandwich, here are a few options to complement the flavor of the cheese.

• Ham
• Bacon
• Turkey
• Chicken

What condiments go with grilled cheese sandwich?

Liven up your grilled cheese sandwich by adding a delicious sauce and condiment. Ketchup is a go-to option for many, especially kids. For those who crave a bit of heat, try some hot sauce, skhug, or Sriracha.

Want to add some zest to your bite? Opt for pico de gallo. Alternatively, a dollop of pesto provides a fresh and herbaceous twist, while our fig jam creates a sweeter profile.

What are some quick, no cook sides to serve with grilled cheese?

• Potato Chips
• Cottage Cheese
• Tomato, Avocado Slices, Carrot Sticks
• Pickles
• Nuts
• Kimchi, Sauerkraut
• Apple Slices, Strawberries, Oranges

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