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Well, Hi There.
We’re Shariq and Tressa, the husband and wife team behind Jamil Ghar. We live in beautiful North Carolina alongside our two little ones. Shariq works on the development and functionality of the website, and I am the voice behind the website and contribute to the photography and recipe creation.

My husband was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan; I hail from a small town named for a Bullfrog in Utah. Don’t bother checking; it’s barely on the map!

The two of us were born worlds away, and we share very little in common in terms of upbringing. Yet, our appreciation for food and delight in meals shared with others translates to all cultures and people. I cannot physically invite you into our home to share a meal and hear about the food you love, but I hope through the recipes and stories we share, this big world will feel a bit smaller and more familiar.

Why Jamil Ghar?

We lovingly go by “Jamil Ghar.” Jamil is our last name and it means beautiful in its language of origin, Arabic. Ghar is an Urdu word for home. And that is exactly what we hope to represent, a beautiful home. To be clear, it’s not cleanliness that makes a home beautiful, nor the addition of nice things. Rather, beautiful homes are comprised by the coming together of people under one roof. Like a good recipe needs a balance of flavor, a beautiful home needs it all too. So join us, as you are, in the Jamil Ghar.

It’s beautiful with you in it.