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Slap Ya Mama Seasoning Substitute

If a recipe calls for Cajun seasoning, do you reach for Slap Ya Mama seasoning? Because I do! The spice blend is delicious and tastes great on everything, but what happens when you run out? Or perhaps you’re in the population of those who have never tried it. Either way, here are the 7 BEST alternatives when you need a Slap Ya Mama Seasoning substitute.

Slap Ya Mama Seasoning and some of its substitutes.

What is Slap Ya Mama Seasoning?

Slap Ya Mama Seasoning is a brand of Cajun seasoning from Louisiana, United States. It’s known for its bold flavor and for adding a zesty kick to dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, seafood boils, and fried chicken.

The name “Slap Ya Mama” is their way of saying that the bold flavors will make you want to “slap ya mama” (please don’t do that). The spice blend has gained popularity among home cooks and chefs looking to add a Cajun twist to everyday meals.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have Slap Ya Mama Seasoning?

Picture this – you’re excited to try a new recipe you found on Jamil Ghar (see what I did there), but when you reach for the Slap Ya Mama seasoning the recipe called for, there is none in your spice cabinet. Rummaging through your spices and hoping to find the best substitute for Cajun seasoning, you know you have to improvise. Here are some options to help you find the best Slap Ya Mama Seasoning substitute.

1. Homemade Slap Ya Mama Seasoning Recipe

Slap Ya Mama Seasoning Recipe in a glass jar with a spoon in it.

Spice up your cooking with my homemade Slap Ya Mama Seasoning recipe. Use the spice blend to flavor everything from chicken, fish, pork, and veggies to snacks

2. Blackened Seasoning

Blackened seasoning spices on a plate.

Blackened seasoning is similar to Cajun seasoning. It contains some of the same spices. Use the same amount the recipe calls for, but you may want to add salt since Slap Ya Mama’s seasoning is saltier than blackened seasoning, in my opinion.

Pair homemade blackened seasoning with chicken, shrimp, beef, vegetables, and fish, like blackened mahi mahi or blackened mahi mahi tacos.

3. Tony Chachere Original Creole Seasoning

Creole spice blends like Tony Chachere Original Creole Seasoning have a similar flavor profile (in fact, they are often compared to one another), so you can easily substitute 1:1. If Creole seasoning is what you have in your pantry, this is your sign to use it as a Slap Ya Mama Seasoning substitute.

4. All Purpose Seasoning

All-purpose seasoning can be a good Slap Ya Mama Seasoning substitute in certain situations because it typically contains a blend of herbs and spices that add flavor and depth to meals. While the ingredients vary between brands, all-purpose seasonings often include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, black pepper, and other herbs.

5. Adobo Seasoning

Adobo seasoning, used in Latin American and Spanish cuisine, can substitute for the original Slap Ya Mama blend due to its balanced mix of garlic powder, oregano, and other spices. However, Cajun seasoning has more spice. While Adobo can provide a milder alternative, you may want to include cayenne if you go that route.

Try Another Slap Ya Mama Seasoning Substitute

6. Old Bay Seasoning

If you desperately need Cajun seasoning but Old Bay Seasoning is all you have – go for it. The flavor will not be exact, and you may need to add garlic powder and cayenne, but it is an okay substitute for Slap Ya Mama seasoning in a pinch.

7. Herbs de Provence

The herbaceous spice blend is delicious, but you should include salt and cayenne to bring it closer to the taste of Cajun seasoning.

How to Use Slap Ya Mama Seasoning

1. Meat and Seafood

Flavor chicken, fish, shrimp, and pork chops with the bold spice blend before grilling or pan-frying your meal. The seasoning adds delicious flavor that enhances the natural taste of the meat. Go light at first, then add more as you go.

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings
If you’re a fan of crispy wings that are full of flavor, then don’t skip on these garlic butter chicken wings! Mine are seasoned with Cajun spices and tossed in a delicious garlic butter sauce that is a perfect combination of tangy and savory. Like salt and pepper chicken wings, this is simple yet delicious dish is great for any occasion.
Garlic Butter Chicken Wings
Garlic butter chicken wings in a serving dish.

2. Dips and Sauces

Stir Slap Ya Mama Seasoning into dips and sauces to take them to the next level. Add a dash or two of the seasoning to your ranch, aioli, BBQ Sauce, crab dip, and more.

BBQ Aioli
Transform sandwiches, wraps, sliders, and BBQ recipes with savory homemade BBQ aioli flavored with Cajun seasoning – the smoky, creamy sauce will enhance whatever you pair it with.
BBQ Aioli
A small dish of BBQ aioli.

3. Vegetables

Sprinkle vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, corn, broccoli, french fries, and potatoes with the seasoning; the spicy, savory spice blend pairs nicely with roasted, grilled, or sautéed vegetables.

3. Casseroles, Soups, and Boils

A dash or two or three (yes, it’s that good) to casseroles, soup, stew, chili, and boils is an easy way to enhance the flavor of your dish without using a ton of spices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What spices are in slap ya mama seasoning?

The main ingredients listed on the Slap Ya Mama’s website for the original blend are salt, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic.

They also have other variations, including their hot blend, white pepper blend, and low-sodium blend.

Where to buy Slap Ya Mama seasoning?

You can buy this seasoning from their official website, mainstream grocery storesn and Amazon.

Can I use chili powder instead of Cajun seasoning?

The flavors are different. Although, if you pair the chili powder with other spices like salt, cayenne, dried thyme, and garlic powder, the taste would be pretty similar.

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